Behaviour Consultations

Behaviour consultations are different to 121 training. These are for more complex issues such as reactivity/aggression towards other dogs, resource guarding and separation anxiety. A thorough veterinary check up is necessary prior to all consultations.
The process for arranging a behaviour consultation is this:
Step 1. Request a questionnaire. This will ask you a number of questions about your dog's lifestyle, routine, health and behaviour. I will then go through this form and decide whether to proceed with a consultation or refer you on to another professional. If we proceed, full payment is required at this point.
Step 2. Telephone appointment, lasting approx. 30 minutes. We will arrange a time for your consultation and discuss any immediate steps to be taken before our appointment. 
Step 3. The consultation. This takes place in your home or suitable outdoor location and lasts approx. 1.5-2.5 hours. We will discuss the problem in depth and some possible solutions.
Step 4. Follow up report. You will be sent a detailed write up of our session including problems identified, training techniques, management techniques and any behaviour modification plans discussed. You can expect to receive this within 48 hours.
Step 5. A 1 hour follow up appointment to check you are progressing as you expected and are on the right track. 
Basic package as above £135
Additional 1 hour follow up sessions available at
£50 Pay As You Go
£135 for x3 sessions 


Call: 07753 183 659

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